Billie's Batting Cages

Public Indoor Batting Cages!!

Fast or slow pitch softball machines available!

Team or Group Rentals!

Private Lessons!

Free use of our bats and helmets

Call or text 801-787-8328 to schedule a cage today!

What We Offer

Both of our indoor batting cages have a full size, automatic pitching machine. Throwing approximately 600 pitches per hour, from approximately 35 mph to 75 mph. Fast and slow pitch softball machines are available!


Cage Rental

One of our indoor batting cages is all yours for 1 hour

  • Approximately 600 balls
  • 35 to 75 mph
  • Fully enclosed batting cage
  • Use our bats and helmets or bring your own

Group or Teams

Bring your team in for an hour and let them all take a turn hitting. Your team will be ready to knock your next game out of the park

  • 2 Fully batting enclosed cages
  • UNLIMITED access to all equipment
  • Room for defensive work also


All the hourly perks - accessible whenever you want - all month long

  • Approximately 600 balls
  • 35 to 75 mph
  • Fully enclosed batting cage
  • Use our bats and helmets or bring yours

Private Lessons

Improve your batting, pitching, and defensive skills!

  • Learn from the best
  • Batting skills from tees to the machines
  • Pitching - grow your power
  • Defensive skills as well


Check the schedule below to verify availability and call or text Bill @ 801-787-8328 if the schedule looks full or to schedule your cage.


What people are saying about us

I have been taking my kids down to Billies for a couple of weeks. After a lesson, my son went 3-3 in tonight's game. His confidence keeps growing. VERY encouraging and positive. I'm SO grateful to have found them!

Jacki Holdaway

Riley was there earlier today for some one on one. When we left we went to riley's practice, he's on a 7u team and hit a ball farther than he or any kid has ever hit before to deep center and got on inside the park homerun. His grin was priceless, He told after that hard work really does pay off.

Travis Tadd‎

My dad took me in for a few lessons. My confidence has never been so high.

Alex Kendall